Animation for the New Year’s Event in Dubai 17/18 on the Burj Khalifa’s new LED Wall.

Client: Emaar
Production: AO Creative
Content: Bright!
Lighting Design: Jerry Appelt
Content Lead: Michael Giegerich
Technical Lead: Axel Lambrecht
Artists: Thomas Flechel, Dino Muhic, Jens Michel, Dirk Rauscher, Dominik Esser, Christopher Hees, Moritz Krutzke

commissioned by Bright! I was working almost 3 month remotely together with a great Team on different parts of the Show.
From R&D and Styleframes to 2D and 3D Animation.
Software Used: Cinema4D, Adobe After Effects, Plexus, Trapcode Particular, X-Particles
For Dokumentation Video & Photos Big Thanks to Thomas Flechel & Dino Muhic!

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