NeoRomans • Lefites Edition No1 • Lasercut Wallsculptures
As a 3D Motion Designer I was longing for creating something real and tactile. Which will last longer than a Moment.
So I get myself a CO2 Lasercutter and started to follow my other passion beside creating digital art .. working with wood, painting with real colors.
While creating Designs for this process there are always a lot of rubbish, the Negative space of the wood I cut. I never throw them in the garbage can. I collected them, and started to assemble new pieces out of these „leftovers“ .. 
that’s why I call them Lefties.
Arranging, assembling, sanding and coloring them is a very satisfying process for me till them.
Every Piece is totally unique.
From now, there are available through a Project I started together with my Girl to bring colorful Handmade art & designs to your home.
For more to see and having a look into our Studio and processes  ..  
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